Flower Crowns

by Garden Gate

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Majick Feast 02:27
Sweetgrass on the morning of the equinox The sparrows flock, blotting out the golden summer sun Humbled by the bounty of Demeter Petals are unfolding just to greet her, see her smiling as she dances through the meadow, let's go Vetiver and honey when the daylight ends Obsidian shadow of the dark moon on my brow Humbled by the bounty of Demeter Rivers overflowing just to greet her, see her smiling as she dances through the meadow, let's go - there's a verdant world waiting From season of shadow to season of light
Flower Crown 03:58
Calling from the other side, seeing with a new perspective Swimming with the changing tides from crumpled masks and circles cast Midnight breeze come carry me away Overturned the monolith covering the hidden garden Everything was candlelit - my flower crown, the staircase down Willow tree, envelop me Midnight in the garden, found the voice that I'd forgotten Working on a kind of bridge, servicing improper wiring Teaching myself to forgive the shadow twin that dwells within Stormy sea, dismember me Digging through the sands of time, finally had the tools I needed Aided by a yawning eye - the harvest moon drips strange perfume Burning leaves still carry me away Midnight in the garden, found the sight that I'd forgotten
Chariot of fortune, mired in the orchard Tangled up and tortured, glistening with dew Maiden of the harvest, mother of the forest Weren't these the hardest years we've ever known? Sing to me, my distant friend Tell me of your summer's end Whisper like the changing leaves, greet me in a passing breeze for now Checking on your reference, celebrate my preference Never less than decorous, ripened on the vine Felt an air of mischief, nose in the hibiscus Fragrant and persistent, growing by the gate Sing to you as broken friend Tell you of my dreams again Statuesque in hazel copse, drifting down the jagged coast
Anthurium 01:25
(instrumental palette cleanser)
Dancing like a cobra in the summer sun, still trying to finish all the work that I'd begun Something in the silence, something in the wind, seasons are changing I feel it in my skin and you, I know you feel it too Ooh, ripe for our penultimate configuration! No flag at half mast, we'll finally surpass - let go of the past Slinking like a cobra in the harvest moon, didn't know I'd let go of my fear so soon Piercing my pupa, stripping off my skin, something is changing I feel it from within and you, I know you feel it too Tomblike were we once, now we've proliferated! Our petals unfold under scales made of gold when we shatter our molds
Dancing in the morning with the sun upon her shoulders, a glittering golden stole Her eyes reflect the light Coming from some distance, she is tending to her business, whispering to her witness Soaking up the sight Chase away the shadows of the evening, prism painting rainbows on the wall Moving to her very favorite melody, is she even really there at all? All, all, all Locket on the mantle in the corner of the mirror, somehow moving nearer - balanced on the edge Chase away the shadows of the evening, dandelion seedling on the wind Blowing through the doorway to her memories What she hears and how she moves within her dreaming, other meanings Sunlight streaming from her eyes


released September 21, 2018

Brian Hall (bass 1)
Dan Steinberg (bass 2)
Mark Saddlemire (add'l synth 2, 5)

'Majick Feast' stream - recorded in the Pavillion for Washing Away Thoughts at the Huntington Botanical Garden | Pasadena, California
'Flower Crown' crow - recorded in Griffith Park | Los Angeles, California

Written and recorded by Tim Meskers at Maison D'Octobre
Mixed by Mark Saddlemire and Tim Meskers at Sound-in-the-Round Studios

Album artwork | Tim Meskers

for Luna, among the stars
released to coincide with the 2018 autumn equinox


all rights reserved



Garden Gate Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

IG: @overgrown.church

Website: overgrown.church

Cinematic baroque psychedelia from the shadows of West Philadelphia

Photo: Lorin Klein

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